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Māori Language Learning
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The Te Whanake Māori language series has evolved out of the need for Māori language resources for adults that reflect modern methods of teaching second languages. The teaching methodology reflected in the textbooks and resources is based on the way learners in a natural bilingual situation learn their second language.

The series contains a comprehensive set of Māori language learning textbooks, study guides, recorded audio and video listening and speaking exercises, teachers' manuals, and a Māori dictionary for learners that develops Māori language ability from beginner through to advanced levels. View resources by Māori language ability.

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New to Māori?

Here’s how to get started

  • The four textbooks are the core of the Te Whanake series. The textbook Te Whanake 1 Te Kākano is essential to start learning Māori.

  • Supplementary materials for independent reading, writing, vocabulary learning and the skills related to these are contained in the study guide Te Kākano Pukapuka Tātaki.

Te whanake apps

Te Whanake Apps

Te Aka Dictionary App

Te Aka Māori dictionary app let’s you search our bestselling Māori dictionary from your mobile device.

Te Aka is a Māori language dictionary that is easy to use by searching for Māori or English words. It includes the ability to filter search results, and to save definitions to a Favourites list. There are currently over 24,000 Māori headword entries in the database, which is being added to over time. An offline dictionary has also been included when internet connectivity is not available.

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